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People always say, “Think big!”

But I say, “think small.”

What if the little things actually ARE the big things.

Whether it is retirement investing, a strong faith, being given increased responsibility, a better job, a bigger audience, more sales, a nice lawn, a better golf score, or a better golf swing, the answer is always that you did a bunch of little things specifically, faithfully, intentionally, and correctly, for a long time.

People will say to you, how did you do it? How did you get to this point?

The answer is nothing crazy or nothing wild. Just small, faithful, purposeful individual efforts and actions layered together to create this big result.

Big, BECAUSE OF small.

Coaches, if you want your team to “out kick it’s coverage” or to be better than what is expected, you have to find out what the small things are that need to be done faithfully to be great in your sport. When you find them, hold steadfast to them. Being a jack of all trades is not as important as being great at a few things that matter the most.

Find the few things, the little things. Be great at them. It will make a huge difference.

Think small 😊

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